Pay-Per-Click management

An effective search engine marketing strategy involves both art and science. Our 1 day seminar introduces your staff to the various components of search marketing and what techniques will effect your site's ranking (both positively and negatively).


The information presented here will be of the utmost importance for your in-house team. Participants in the seminar should have a basic understanding of how a website functions and what your goals are for the seminar.


Here is a breakdown of what our training seminar will cover:


  • Overview Of Search Engine Marketing
    • What makes up Search Engine Marketing
    • What is Natural Search?
    • Deconstructing a Search Results Page into it's Components


  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Pros and Cons of SEO
    • Keyword Research Phase
    • Site Architecture and How it Plays a Pivitol Role
    • On-Page Optimization
    • Multimedia Optimization
    • Off-Site Promotion (link building)
    • Q & A Session


  • Social Media
    • What is Social Media
    • How Does and Will Social Media shape the future of Search Marketing
    • Examination of the Top Social Sites and how they can play a role in your strategy.


  • Paid Search (Pay-Per-Click)
    • How does Paid Search Work?
    • Pros and Cons of Paid Search
    • Examination of Ranking Factors (CPC, QS, etc.)
    • Formulating a Paid Search Strategy the Works
    • Q & A Session


  • Integrating Search Marketing Strategy
    • Integrating SEO Strategy
    • Integrating Paid Search Strategy
    • Implement Social Media
    • Final Q & A Session



We have two pricing options:


The first is a Search Marketing 101 style course where we go over the basic and intermediate Search Marketing techniques. The cost for this 1 day seminar is $3200 + travel and accomodations.


Our all-inclusive seminar integrates our Search Engine Optimization reports. We then take our findings and model the seminar based upon your specific needs. This tends to be a fan favorite as it not only educates your staff but it also provides a road map for your search marketing future. The cost for this all-inclusive option depends largely on your website. Pricing starts at $4700. You will want to submit a request for proposal to us for an exact quote.